HYTEK  General Stereo 3D Camera Driver
Turn a pair of your webcams into stereo 3D movie maker.
Video conferencing in 3D now!
Free Download: Stereo 3D Camera Driver(exe file), User Manual(PDF format),  
User Manual (html format),    Frequent Asked Questions    
If you have problem downloading the exe file, try this zip file of stereo 3D driver.
Note: without 3D driver software registration, there will be a watermark on the output video.
User needs to purchase the software to get a serial number for software registration. Last
updated driver in April, 2007, make sure you get the latest driver.
To help user to get started easily, we also provide bundles of stereo pair webcam suite with this
stereo 3D driver. Check out below two options:
480K Stereo Pair Webcam Suite        1.3M Stereo Pair Webcam Suite
Key Features:

System Requirement:
OS: Winxp, Window's vista (32bit), CPU: 2.4GHZ or up, RAM: 512M or up, two USB 1.1 or 2.0 ports or firewire ports if your cameras
are firewire cameras, 200M hard disk free space, two USB or firewire cameras/webcams that support WDM driver or Directshow.

Depends on the camera type you use, some cameras may require better CPU rate or dual core and two USB2.0 ports or firewire
ports may need to be located at two separate USB2.0 or firewire root controller to get enough bandwidth.
Filter property page for select the video output mode, switch left and
right camera, configure the physical camera settings
Pin property page for selecting the left and right camera and set the output video size.
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