PTPCam Installation Notes:


Following are some notes for PTPCam LabVIEW Toolkit:

  1. PTPCam LabVIEW Toolkit only works on Winxp or higher OS, not with Win2k.
  2. Please make sure you switch the digital camera to PTP mode, not in mass storage mode.
  3. Make sure you switch the camera to capture mode, not in play back mode.
  4. To find out which mode your camera is, you can go to “My computer” on your desktop, if you see your camera name, that means it’s in PTP mode, or else, it’ll show as mass storage device which is not the mode we want.
  5. Please note, not all PTP camera will support all the functions in PTPCam LabVIEW toolkit. Functions like “Take a picture” remotely is optional in PTP standard, but if you switch your camera to the wrong mode, this “Take a picture” function will also be disabled.