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iUSBDAQ - U120816 gets reviewed by Test&Measurement World, read details here
Low Price Stainless Steel Load Cell Model: HY-1LP
Model: HY-1LP, Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
This is a low price stainless steel load cell that can be used for building the
weighing system, force plates etc.
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Here is an application note about how to turn PWM outputs to analog outputs.
AN538 – Using PWM to generate analog output
The free iDAQTest&Log is a standalone ready-to-run software that can be used to test the
iUSBDAQ device and log analog input’s data and read back logged data for basic analysis. With
this software, user can browser through all the features in iUSBDAQ, such as read single analog
channel, multiple analog channels, streaming analog input data continuously for display and log
into file with or without external trigger, set DIO (digital I/O) directions and read/write DIO states,
program PWM output frequency and duty cycle, read counter etc. It's ideal for people who do not
want to write their own software.
More information please check out the iUSBDAQ User's Guide. Below are some screenshot of iDAQTest&Log
software. All drivers, software can be downloaded here. We have also setup the iUSBDAQ FAQ (frequently asked
questions) for support.

For users who are looking for higher speed streaming throughput or add video into their data acquisition system
or looking for a standalone USB flash drive data logger, our new U1208LOG model will suit all these
requirements. Please check out
The 3-in-1 USB DAQ U1208LOG Model
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Low Cost USB DAQ
Load cell specifications:

Model: HY-1LP
Capacity: 150Kg
Output: 2mv/v
Zero: <2% of Full Scale
Creep (1 hour): <0.02% of Full Scale
Non-Linearity: <0.015% of Full Scale
Hysteresis: <0.01% of Full Scale
Repeatability: <0.01% of Full Scale
Temperature Effect on Output: <20 PPM/°C of Applied Load
Temperature Effect on Zero: <20PPM/°C of Applied Load
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 60°C
Compensated Temperature Range: -10°C to 40°C
Safe Overload: 1.5 x Capacity
Input Impedance: 385 ±10 Ohms
Output Impedance: 350 ±3 Ohms
Insulation Resistance: >2.000Meg-Ohms
Recommended Excitation: 10V DC/AC
Maximum Excitation: 20V DC/AC

Color Code:
Red: +Excitation
Black: -Excitation
Green: +Signal
White: -Signal
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