iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG: The unique 3-in-1 USB Data Acquisition Module
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The iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG is the only multifunction three in one (3-in-1) USB data
acquisition module
that provides PC control mode for fast speed data acquisition
and transfer (up to
64KSamples/s) as well as standalone data logging mode for
direct  data logging into
USB flash drive/disk (FAT16 or FAT32) without computer,
the storage capacity is virtually unlimited, it's up to your USB flash disk space.
Another unique feature that iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG brings, is the build-in video
functions in programming APIs as well as in the FREE ready-to-run iDAQTest&Log
software for easy integration and synchronization of data and video. A dedicated
video trigger output line is also provided in the hardware for external
synchronization with other devices.

The whole package includes:
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It's a fast speed multifunction USB DAQ.
It's a stand alone USB flash drive data logger.
It's a DAQCAM with video functions.
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Below highlights the key feature points of the iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG USB data acquisition module.
PC control mode:
  • USB 2.0/1.1 full speed interface
  • USB  bus powered
  • 8 Single-Ended, 12-Bit analog Inputs
  • 0-4.096 V analog input range
  • Up to 64 kSamples/Sec throughput rate with single channel up to 53kSamples/Second for continuously streaming to PC
  • One dedicated "trigger in" line for streaming mode data acquisition
  • One dedicated video/Log "trigger out" line that sends out pulses for video frames or when log data in standalone data logging mode
  • Two programmable 10-bit PWM outputs (3kHz- 333kHz)
  • 16 channels of Bi-Directional Digital I/O lines (250HZ update rate)
  • One 16-Bit counter
  • 240 bytes EEPROM reserved for user data
  • Multiple iUSBDAQs can be connected on same computer
  • Simultaneous Streaming from Multiple iUSBDAQs Possible, streaming data and streaming video at the same time possible.
  • Works with Windows 2000, WinXP, Windows Vista (32bit). Recommend 2.4GHZ or up CPU and at least 512M RAM

USB flash drive standalone data logger mode:
  • Virtually unlimited storage size for data logging, it's up to your USB flash disk's storage size.
  • Can be powered by USB bus from computer or use included USB power adaptor without computer.
  • Logging 8 channels of analog inputs, 16 channels of digital inputs and one 16 bit counter. All data are time stamped.
  • Logging interval/frequency from 1 second to 12 hours, unlimited log period as long as USB disk has enough free space. Logging frequency
    configurable with FREE iDAQTest&Log software
  • Automatic file name creation with time stamp.
  • Raw data conversion utility and simple analysis functions provided in iDAQTest&Log software
  • On board lithium battery to power the real time clock. Date/time setting of real time clock on board is configurable with iDAQTest&Log software
  • Dedicated log "trigger out" line for synchronization of external devices.

Video Functions:
  • Real time video display along with the data readings (8 ch. analog inputs, 16 ch. digital IOs and one counter)
  • AVI recording along with data recording (8 ch. analog inputs, 16 ch. digital IOs and one counter)
  • Playback AVI file along with data (8 ch. analog inputs, 16 ch. digital IOs and one counter)
  • Dedicated video "trigger out" line
  • Work with USB webcam or firewire camera that support WDM driver or are directshow compliant

General Information:
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 6 Month Warranty and Trade In Policy
  • Approximately 3.5" x 3.375" x 1.125" (9cm x 8.5cm x 3cm)
  • 0°C to 70°C operating temperature range
Download iUSBDAQ driver,
iDAQTest&Log software,
Document, FAQ etc.
Users who are looking for lower price USB DAQ, can also check out another model from iUSBDAQ series, iUSBDAQ - U120816. It costs only $86.
With the decrease of video camera/webcam prices and increased computer powers, the demand to add video functions into
traditional data acquisition application is increasing. Synchronization between video and data is always not an easy thing to do,
since consumer video camera/webcams do not provide trigger out or trigger in line, besides such video/data application is
usually very expensive. iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG provides a solution that makes integration of video and data easy, yet very cost
effective. iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG introduces the
DAQCAM marriage concept that can help your end application to be more
competitive on the market.

The standalone USB flash drive data logger mode will turn this USB DAQ into USB OTG (on the go) device. It can be used  
without computer for long time data logging at field, logging period from 1second to 12 hours. It logs 8 channels of analog
inputs, 16 digital line status as well as the 16 bit counter value. On board real time clock will time stamp the logging file. A 3V
lithium battery on board will keep the real time clock date/time. Besides, at each time of data logging, a
dedicated video/log
"trigger out" line
will output a pulse, which can be used to synchronize external measurement devices if needed.
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