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About IMCS
A scalable test executive with build in video monitoring
IMCS is a monitor and control framework
software. It's a test platform to allow user to build
an automation software with the look they like
and generate the test script automatically. The
software has a plug-in interface component and
test module architecture. It has the parallel tasking
capability. The build-in video monitoring features
add the bonus for an automation software. User
can use it for any purpose such as field
monitoring, record scene when things go wrong
for later diagnose.
Following are some key features of IMCS:

1. Test script generating.
2. Interactive test step parameter editing
3. Unlimited parallel tasking
4. Configurable user interface layout
5. Allow customer interface plug in.
6. Build-in video feature for any purpose usage such as video monitoring, machine vision etc. Work with firewire, USB and
7. Build-in avi file recording and media file playing features.
8. Embedded test parameter setup help.
9. Automatic test result report generation in XML format.
10. Customer defined splash screen without programming.
11. And many more...

With the plug-in additional interface components and test modules, user can expand the functionality of IMCS. For example
call the external LabVIEW vi, call DLL function and call sub test sequences.
Check out the additional interface components
and test modules here.
The above screen shot shows that software can auto detect all the cameras attached to the computer and list them in the
menu. User can click on the menu to start, stop, change camera and video format settings or change the position and size of
the video window.
The above screen shot shows the software can auto detect customer plug in interfaces and list them in the menu. Customer
interface can be used,  for example for additional settings configuration for a specific project.
The above screen shots shows the plug-in interface modules are auto detect and listed in the menu. Each interface
component is an object, user can bring out the same object as many as they want. Based on these interface components
user can design the layout of the operator screen. The "Display Manager" in the menu will manages these interface
components, like size, position and type (child, floating or embedded). User can also change the background color of the
software, so that all the interface screens will be changed to this selected background color.
This screen shot shows that all the plug-in test modules will be listed in the menu under the different groups, such as "Call
External Routine", "Data acquisition", "Vision" and "Misc" etc. Using these test modules to make up your automation
software test sequences.
This screen shot show the test step
parameter editing. It's interactive and
there is an embedded help for
parameter meanings.
When the tests are running, user can switch to
the status mode instead of step editing mode, so
that all the running tasks status will be seen on
the screen.
Additional free image analysis software is also included in IMCS for users who designs vision
application. User can use this tool to analyze the histogram, line profile, get pixel position and
value etc. User can use this tool to help setting up the parameters of machine vision application
for the automated vision inspection.
By using IMCS, engineers can concentrate on test modules development, no more worry about interface and parallel
IMCS can be used in a wide range of sectors, such as research lab, production line automation, fixture testing, vision
application and many more...
IMCS allows the creating of low price automation software in a short period of time
Below shows some more screen shots of the software.