USB PC Camera Specification
This is a very good image quality and stable working USB web camera.
  •     High resolution CMOS color sensors

  •     max. 800x600 resolution up to 30fps

  •     Frame Rate: 320 x 240 up to 30 frame/sec (CIF),  640 x 480 up to 30 frame / sec (VGA)
  •      Focus range: 5CM-infinity
  •      Video Format: 24-bit true color RGB
  •      Signal noise ratio: better than 48dB
  •      Interface: USB2.0/USB1.1
  •      WDM and VFW Interface: support dynamic and still image snap
  •      Works in Directshow compatible applications, MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger etc.
  •      Dynamic Range: better than 72dB
  •      Built-in image compression
  •      Automatic white balance, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, exposure etc adjustment

  •      Automatic color compensated
  •      Manual Focus Ring

  •      Quick snapshot button on the side
  •      With colorful LED night vision
  •      Works with win2k, winxp or higher OS
This is a picture taken at default 320x240 resolution with
this type of camera.
This camera has other fun setting's features, such as add photo frames, add
image effects etc.
Below is the camera setting's property page, as you can see, there are
many settings can be adjusted.
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USB2.0 Web Camera (1.3M)
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